Define "Success" [Online course]

Define "Success" [Online course]

Empowerment Essentials

The three elements fundamental to feeling empowered as an actor, confident and in control of your career.

Few of us β€” actors and Muggles alike β€” ever define "success" for ourselves. This results in us leaving achievement to chance, or worse: achieving, only to find we've achieved the wrong things.

How would you like to join the 1% who do things differently? Who set aside a mere hour of their lives to intentionally define personal and professional success for themselves?

This course is for you.

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  • Individual definition of "personal success"
  • Individual definition of "professional success"
  • Enhanced sense of empowerment


  • 1 hr video course (yours forever)
  • 8 pgs worksheets (yours forever)​
  • Exclusive training, developed over five years
  • Lifetime access to future updates

(Feel-Good) Pricing

  • You pay $90 AUD
  • We contribute 1% to removing COβ‚‚ from the atmosphere

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