April 2024

The Self-Aware Actor

Behind the Breakout: Bianca Melchior

March 2024

Enter the Film Room: What Athletes' Video Study Methods Can Teach Actors

#Verified: Peter Clarke

Spiritual Beings Having an Actor's Experience

You Don't Have to Sacrifice Everything

February 2024

#Verified: Dr Mark Seton

Talking About Them Dolla Bills

Behind the Breakout: Courtney Cavallaro

January 2024

The Dojo's (Working) Model of Peak Performance

#Verified: Richard Fryer

Fave Reads of 2023

December 2023

Behind the Breakout: Ann Akinjirin

November 2023

#Verified: Dr Margaret Osborne

October 2023

Behind the Breakout: Best of Editions 1-10

#Verified: Prof Gene Moyle

Announcement: Silence and Savings

September 2023

#Verified: Dr Elise Facer-Childs

Architect Success

Behind the Breakout: Danielle Vitalis

August 2023

#Verified: Best of Editions 1-10

Acting from Querencia

Behind the Breakout: Freya Tingley

July 2023

Behind the Breakout: Michael Nikou

Seeing Double — Why Having an Alter Ego Could Help Actors

#Verified: Aleksa Gagic

Play is Life

Announcement: This Might Be A World First

June 2023

#Verified: Dr Véronique Richard

On Video Game Voice Acting

Behind the Breakout: Molly Harris

In Defence of Extra Work

May 2023

Behind the Breakout: Bally Gill

"I Feel Like A Failure" (Said Every Actor Ever)

#Verified: Dr Emma Redding

Database: AUS Casting Directors

April 2023

#Verified: Rachel Jones

Conquering Self-Tape Perfectionism

Behind the Breakout: Shannon Berry

Could Martial Arts Help Actors Handle the Emotional Toll of a Role?

March 2023

#Verified: Dr Tim Gabbett

An Agent Isn't Always the Answer

Behind the Breakout: Sam Baker-Jones

The Best Actors Lead Twice

February 2023

#Verified: Tama Barry

Ask Us Anything!

Behind the Breakout: Kate Lister

Why So Serious?

January 2023

#Verified: Dr Phil Jauncey

Gettin' Sweaty (with Exercise)

Behind the Breakout: Jemma Carlton

Smart Actors Play Mastermind

December 2022

2022 Reading List

#Verified: Dr Jonah Oliver

Let's Get Physical

Selling Out: How to Think About the Creative Conundrum

November 2022

Suffering? You're Not Alone (and It's Not the End)

#Verified: Georgia Ridler

The Game-Changing Headshot Shoot

Mind Games – How Sports Psychology Could Improve Your Acting

Our Love Letter to Actors: You Are Gold

October 2022

#Verified: Dr Michael Lloyd

Nutrition & The Actor

Announcement: The Dojo Black Belt is Here

Parallels of Enlightenment & Success

September 2022

Actors, We're The Solution, Not The Problem

It's Time to Write Your Memoir

5 Autobiographies Worth Your Time

Forget the Tortured Artist: They Don’t Help Anyone and Least of All You

August 2022

Enduring Boredom: The Secret of Success

Typecasting: Embracing Our Zone of Genius

Be More Creative: Six Practical Steps to Build Imagination

July 2022

How Being an Actor is Like Dating

Hamburger Focus

June 2022

To Be, or Not to Be (An Actor)

Gratitude & Desire

Consistency is Key

May 2022

Flourishing in the Arts is About Meaning, Mastery and Mattering

Is It Time to Quit Acting?

Introducing the Fail-e-bration

"Made It" Starts Now

Off the Subs' Bench – What Understudies Can Learn From Sports

April 2022

Finance for Actors: Our Top 5 Reads

The Keys to Optimal Muggle Work

Social Circle and Success

Try the Know, Like, Trust Framework for Success

March 2022

To the Disillusioned Actor

Success is Planted in the Off-Season

February 2022

The Resilient Actor

Bergeron's Hierarchy of Mindset

Don't Be An Ass: Why We Set One Goal at a Time

Let's Talk About Our Content Diet

January 2022

You Can't Be Desperate and Successful

Start Here: Define "Success"

2021 Reading List

December 2021

How to Always Win

November 2021

Keeping the Actor's Flame Alive

Cold Emails: Celebration is the Key

Let's Talk About Sexy Email Signatures

October 2021

Got Lucky?

It's Time, Goal Setting Time

An Indian Parable & the Actor's Mindset

Reframing Feedback

September 2021

The 5 Pillars of Actor Training

A Case for Setting Ambitious-Ass Goals

The Bulletproof Audition Prep Plan

August 2021

Fame: Quickly Won, Quickly Lost

Systemising Actor Success

If It's All Invented...

Investigate Jealousy

July 2021

What Story Do You Want To Hear?

Get Your "Results" Elsewhere

May 2021

Building Strengths vs. Improving Weaknesses

January 2021

How to Thrive with Performance Anxiety

2020 Reading List

August 2020

What Can Actors Learn From Einstein + Neuroscience?

Sleep: The Actor's Secret Weapon

May 2020

The Actor's Sandpit: Knowing What's In Our Control

March 2020

Your Success Is More Than Yours

February 2020

Dealing with a Bad Performance

January 2020

Three Lessons Actors Can Learn from Athletes

2019 Reading List

August 2019

Bamboo: Tree of Unexpected Actor Wisdom

June 2019

Defining Your Own Success As An Actor

March 2019

Money, Money, Money

January 2019

The Envy Advantage