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#Verified: Aleksa Gagic

We've wanted to have a dietitian on since we started the #Verified series. But we chose to hold out until we found someone who felt confident speaking to the unique demands of actor peak performance, which differs in significant ways from athletic performance or everyday performance. At last, we found one: Aleksa Gagic.

Aleksa is a sports dietitian and nutritionist (APD, AccSD) who has worked with athletes in basketball, soccer, CrossFit, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (to name a few) for over seven years. He also has a killer Instagram feed, but unlike many others in the IG "nutrition space", Aleksa is accredited. An important distinction.

Here, we speak to Aleksa about flexible nutrition, the actor as athlete, and his "controversial" stance on good and bad foods.

Aleksa Gagic

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