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Announcement: This Might Be A World First

Hi Dojo amigos 👋🏼

We try not to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with announcements a whole bunch, but this one's a big 'un. A potentially real freaking big 'un.

As of July 2023, Head Coach T will be embarking on an MPhil at the University of Queensland's School of Sport Sciences to formalise the Dojo's research into actor peak performance and holistic well-being. Meaning, as far as we know, the Dojo will become the first place in the world to house an actor coach with this qualification.


For nitty-gritty nerd context, UQ currently ranks number two internationally for sports-related studies[1], and Tahlia's supervisory team are world-class in their own right. An MPhil is a somewhat uncommon research degree, but you can (kind of) think of it as the first half of a PhD. Nerd rant finito.

So, more importantly, what does this mean for you?

  • Email newsletter: Our weekly e-newsletter will continue to go out to all those subscribed. OG members, you might see a couple of OG posts resurface as we update them with the latest research. We'd still recommend giving these a quick skim, as we'll be adding some high-value findings that didn't exist when they were first published.
  • Industry databases: Expect mo' coming your way, Black Belt friends!
  • 1-On-1 Coaching: Private coaching sessions will still exist, however, we'll have a reduced number of slots available each month. If you'd like to line one of these bad boys up, please submit a booking request, and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  • Online courses: Our Actor's Training Menu course will remain available on demand. We'll also drop an 👀 emoji here as a not-so-subtle hint to some upcoming goodness 👀

The core offerings you've come to know and love won't be going anywhere. What will change is the weight behind them all. Which we hope instils you with greater confidence in the Dojo, and hopefully hopefully, greater pride in being part of this pioneering community.

We can't wait to level up 10x with y'all. This research could very well mark an inflection point in actor training, and we couldn't wish for a more badass tribe of homies to ride it out with.  

So, until our next jam, buckle up, get hyped, and stay legendary 👊🏼

Thoughts / feedback / challenges? We'd genuinely love to hear.


[1] https://hmns.uq.edu.au/study/exercise-and-sport-sciences