Empowerment Essentials Masterclass

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Empowerment Essentials

Three principles fundamental to thriving, not just surviving, as an actor in the 21st century.

Want a minimal-commitment taste of Dojo training? Our Empowerment Essentials Masterclass is for you.

The Dojo's Empowerment Essentials Masterclass is a stand-alone workshop designed to set student actors up for sustained success post-training.

From the philosophical, 30,000 ft view to the practical, hour-to-hour plan, we cover it all in this jam-packed three-hour masterclass.

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  • Empowerment Essential 1: Define "Success"
  • Empowerment Essential 2: Reverse Engineer Success
  • Empowerment Essential 3: Schedule Success


Students will come away with:

  • A return-to-any-time system for self-empowerment
  • A personalised plan for increasing their odds of success


  • In-person or online
  • Interactive live presentation
  • Module-specific resources

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