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Drama school workshops

Tailor-made actor peak performance and/or holistic well-being workshops for drama schools and acting institutions.

Talent alone is no longer enough to succeed. Actors need to thrive, too.

We're the global pioneers of actor peak performance and holistic well-being, and we love pairing our expertise with your world-class training to increase your students' chances of success.

We aren't here to fix what ain't broke. You've taken care of the acting training; we'll take care of the actor training.

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  • Actor peak performance, including:
    • Alter egos
    • Goal setting
    • Pre-performance routines
    • Mindfulness practices
    • Mental rehearsal
    • Self-talk
    • Training Menu
  • Actor holistic well-being, including:
    • Rest
    • Health
    • Growth
    • Circle
    • Environment


Students will be equipped with:

  • An evidence-based mental framework
  • A tested strategic plan of attack


  • In-person or online
  • Interactive live presentation
  • Topic-specific resources

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