Mindset Matters Most: Our Recommended Reading List

10th July 2020

“Here, we’ve partnered with Amazon to bring you a list of our top five mindset reads.”


THE creative power of procrastination

18th June 2020

“Studies have shown people to be 28% more creative when they “procrastinate on purpose”, so there may just be a benevolent god after all 🙏”



21st May 2020

“This may seem to leave us with very little within our power, but that is really the point. There’s a reason why horses are given blinkers when racing: it narrows their focus and concentration.”


Ready Player One: Voicing Video Game Characters

16th April 2020

“Gaming work is so attractive because the storytelling possibilities feel almost infinite. The realm of potential exceeds that of stage or screen and with technology developing at the exponential rate it is, that will only continue to be the case.”


Your Success Is More Than Yours

27th March 2020

“A person’s “success” belongs to more than just them. The achievements of the ... protagonist are only made possible with the help (whether direct or indirect) of many, many others, and similarly, their wins are also the wins of these people too.”


Dealing with a bad performance

28th February 2020

“Giving a bad performance does not make you a bad performer.”


Three Lessons Actors Can Learn from Athletes

8th January 2020

“Elite athletes are always training. Even in the off-season, the world’s best are still putting in the time and effort to hone their skills and craft … You can either get results or have excuses.”


Bamboo: Tree of Unexpected Actor Wisdom

12th August 2019

“We actors can do a pretty good job of planting the metaphorical seed (our wildest dreams and ambitions), and tending to it regularly (through training, experience and exposure), but we can also be pretty guilty of digging up the damn seed to see if it has grown yet. Or yet. Or yet.”


Defining Your Own Success As An Actor

5th June 2019

“My challenge to you is to take a moment to really discern what constitutes success for you as an actor. The idea here is to ensure you are living life by your design, not by someone else’s default.”


money, money, money

15th March 2019

“We are allowed to want, and work towards, a wealthy existence as actors. That’s okay, it’s not inherently bad to desire money.”



29th December 2018

"The thing is, that endless and draining spiral of self-pity doesn’t help, and comparisons (at least in this instance) don’t actually matter."